Facebook B&W Challenge: Day 2

This is #2 from the Facebook Challenge of 7 days of B&W images with no people & no explanation. I chose B&W collages to tell a story with a time stamp. I really didn't want to challenge as we all lead such busy lives so I challenged famous photographers who are dead. Hopefully one of them will reach out from the Twilight Zone.... On this day I way taking my somewhat famous musician daughter, Gina Chavez, to the airport in her Honda Element. This full band gig was in North Carolina. We have to take her vehicle as I drive a JCW Mini Cooper. The Element is THE Perfect Musician's vehicle--can you believe that Honda discontinued the Element (#€@₩$&#). Arrrgh!

~ Gene Chavez, 11/30/17

Untitled photo
Untitled photo

B&W Facebook Challenge  Day 1

Have you gotten the Facebook Challenge to post a B&W photo for 7 days, with no people & no explanation and then to challenge somebody else? I got a challenge from Danny Fastfingers (Austin musician), which I promptly ignored. The next challenger was Charles Caudillo (a fellow professional photographer & friend). I thought about it, but then ignored challenge #2. Then Gina Chavez (my award-winning-Austin-musician daughter) challenged me. I hate striking out, so opted in. Being a left-handed Gemini and what Dr Fred Blum calls a "mismatch" (ask Dr Fred what that means), I was going to be totally different. No single image for me--I was doing a B&W collage (collages are my M.O.) with a story, a time-stamp (note my wrist-watch), and I would challenge famous DEAD photographers. Here's what I posted as my first challenge post--it was on a Sunday, and you can probably figure out where I was headed. I challenged Ansel Adams. Tsk, tsk. By the way, one of my favorite Ansel Adams quotes is, "A good photograph, is knowing where to stand". I love a good quote--got a good one for me?

~Gene Chavez, 11/27/17

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